• Novation Vendor Services was formed to meet the need for proactive financing solutions in the technology marketplace. In the United States there is great diversity. We have an array of different social classes, ages, genders, races, marital statuses, titles, and priorities; in all of this diversity one thing is common, we are a nation of consumers.
  • Understanding this truth leads us to the reality that in the United States consumers have accepted debt to allow them to have the finer things in life. These consumers are quite recognizable. They are the same business owners and corporate officers that make the decisions for the companies you market your products to every day.
  • This brings up an interesting question related to effective sales strategies within your organization: If these consumers make monthly payments on their automobiles, homes, and credit cards; Is it so far fetched to believe that a proactive approach to offering your product by means of budgetary financing is the most effective approach?
  • It’s a fact that over 80% of us businesses finance technology. It’s proven time and again through strategic marketing campaigns that given the option to finance customers who couldn’t buy otherwise, choose to purchase. Customers who finance also tend to buy more and complain less about the cost of the product. Financing provides customers with the convenience, flexibility, and best of all options. Plain and simple customers love financing. In fact, customers tend to gravitate to suppliers with a simple financing program. Novation Vendor Services helps customers get what they want, your equipment.

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